A very soft and comfortable elastic scarf which can simply be pulled over your head. Can also be used as a mask. This scarf is so cuddly that you will forget you are wearing it!

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Product features:

  • Easy scarf to wear, just pull it over your head
  • Handwoven in a tube, no seam, hem only top and bottom
  • 50% cotton, 40% viscose and 10% elité
  • Elastic and can also be worn as a mask
  • Machine washable
  • Beautifully soft and cuddly
  • Very light to wear
  • Dyed in happy colours, none is exactly the same

If you are after something quick and easy to wear, this pullover scarf is for you. It is a scarf that can simply be pulled over your head to cover your neck. It is elastic and can be pulled up over your nose for protection of bugs and dust. You enter a shop and would like to protect yourself quickly, pull the scarf up and off you go. The pullover scarf is especially ideal for motorbike drivers or bicycle riders. No more cold air blowing on your neck during driving, all is covered with this soft and cuddly fabric. These pullover scarves are also easy to care for by simply wash it in the cold cycle of your washing machine. The scarves are mainly made out of cotton, but also have viscose in it to make it comfortable to wear. After a while you won't even noticing, that you are wearing the pullover scarf. The scarves are handwoven in a tube and have no seam all around. There is a hem only on top and bottom of it. This product is made and dyed here in Australia.

Size: 25.5cm long 20.5cm wide

Head sizes: 56cm, 57cm, 58cm

Weight: 30g

Material:  50% Cotton, 40% Viscose, 10% Elité

Style: Woven in a tube with a twill pattern