Uniquely Handwoven

The New Collection Is Coming

Look out for the new scarves in Bamboo

Glui7 is all about uniquely Handwoven products, 100% handmade in Australia with love. My mission is to fabricate products of outstanding quality. As a designer and hand weaver, I fabricate every article myself in house. This allows me to devote great care for every piece and maintain the highest quality. All products are only available in limited editions. No mass production. Each fabric is made with natural fibers employing special weaves to produce the most durable products.
Products can also be custom made or altered if existing articles are not what's desired.
The products are both functional and durable, to ensure that, they are extensively tested before offered for sale.

If you are looking for something special, perhaps would like to be a little different... Glui7 is the brand for you!

Swiss design
100% Australian made
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